Air Cargo worldwide

The “Maxima” Company – is one of the successful air cargo agencies transporting loads, responsible executor, reliable partner and professional group of specialists in air cargo, which has proved itself at its best within ten years of productive activity in the air cargo industry.

Steady growth in the number of regular customers of our company is not accidental. Our agency has proved itself in the market for quality, reliability, and most importantly - the speed of delivery to any place in the world.

Air cargo benefits

Why air cargo nowadays is the type of delivering loads of the highest priority? To answer that, let’s turn to the history of air delivery. It starts in the 10-ies of XX century and associated with the German colonies in South-West Africa. It was the first time when diamond delivery was organized via small class airplanes.

Air freight to Russia, because of the huge size of its territory, is the best way to send the goods, especially in this century, when the speed of execution of work is important, not less than quality.

That is why the "Maxima" company -  is a reliable partner to send your goods to Russia and air cargo from Moscow. Further development of the market policy of the company is its competitive advantage.

Regional air cargo: Krasnoyarsk, Kamchatka and other cities

At the moment, the market of regional air freight – is a marketplace with a sufficiently high level of competitors. This makes finding a balance between the realities of pricing and the quality performance of the services. The strict hierarchy of airlines – is a certain mark of today’s level of development of regional air cargo. Fittest and toughest – are of course network airlines. They take responsibility on almost everything - from making up the best routes and preparing documentation to delivering the loads to the airport or directly to the recipient or warehousing. And it’s all about the "Maxima" company. It is due to the desire to make the regional air cargo services available to our customers, it is possible to reduce the price of these services in regions such as Siberia, the Far East and northern Russia.

Benefits of air cargo in Russia with the “Maxima” company

Among other things, to reduce your risks associated with air cargo to Russia or international cargo, we offer the service of cargo insurance.

The important question is the balance between price and quality, that’s why air cargo services are more expensive then transporting loads by rail or by road. But if you take in consideration such things as speed and route optimization capabilities, everything appears in a different light. Time costs a lot, so delays are deadly dangerous. Any experienced businessman would not be stingy, to be one step ahead the opponents, to stand his ground in the market and in the mind of the consumer in time and without delay to meet the demand. And for this kind of strategy there’s no other thing than air cargo services.

Immutable rules of the "Maxima" company – are the highest quality of delivery service, the exact deadlines, reasonable prices, pleasant staff and customer service at a high level.

"Maxima" company - maximum speed and minimum of problems!

How to contact us?

Our company has several offices in different cities. To arrange air transportation through the central office in Moscow, call (495) 788-79-55, (495) 649-93-82. If you are interested in air transportation from Samara, please contact our office in the city at (846) 333-01-01. Air transportation from St. Petersburg is performed by the representative in the northern capital: (812) 244-41-85.